CSR Activities

Sharing Campaign as the 15th Anniversary of founding, Sharing clean water in Africa.

As a commemoration event of its 15th anniversary (year 2007), Nokchawon together with the international relief and development NGO World Vision, started the sharing campaign.


After the Agreement made, Nokchawon applies “Sharing Mark” to all the available products released after the agreement, draws customers’ attention to the drinking water support project in Africa, executes transparently on the campaign and passes all the saving money to the World Vision.

The drinking water support project of Nokchawon sponsors the deep well (Borehole) boring work, mainly the well of depth more than 70m. Through this project, we provides safe drinking water sources that have less concern to exhaust and can reduce the high mortality rate caused by water shortages and water-borne diseases.

World Vision let the sponsored local residents to elect their own drinking water committee, provides hygiene training and maintenance support equipment set so as to assist drinking water sources can be maintained.

Nokchawon publicly supports society restoration activities referred as CSR in commercial aspect. This is an opportunity to gather more attention of people by indirectly exposing the activities of social institutions and organizations.

World Vision is conducting a variety of relief projects at home and abroad. If you are interested in the activities of World Vision, you can get more details from www.worldvision.or.kr


Dream of clean water

World Vision water support project video view


The campaign on 20th anniversary of the founding, sponsor one child per 10 employees.

Nokchawon started ‘Companion Campaign’ to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the founding (2012).

‘Companion Campaign’, a constant CSR campaign of Nokchawon, is sponsoring one child per 10 employees, and the number of sponsoring children will be increasing with the growth of human sources of Nokchawon.
Sponsoring is done through the Compassion Korea, an international aid organization for children, which had been started to help the orphans in the ruins of Korean War.

This allows the children to get comprehensive training and to grow influential people of the society. The main target of Compassion is to support of the international children. If you are interested in the activities of Compassion, you can find more details at www.compassion.or.kr.