Nokchawon CI

Nokchawon CI incorporates the will and spirit of Nokchawon that offers best products and services to world customers.

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01 The meaning of ‘Nokchawon’

NOKCHA, green tea in English, symbolizes green nature itself that captures the value of health, rest, delight and dignity. WON, represents angular free shape of the earth, and also signifies the best and togetherness.
NOKCHAWON, combined with the word ‘green tea’ and ‘one(best or circle)’, incorporates Nokchawon’s will to rise as the best company that offers the dear and pure value of nature.

02 Symbol of CI

Nokchawon, as a professional manufacturer that produces teas and foods in Korea, uses Hangul typography type as the base of CI. Each letters represents the commitment of Nokchawon geared towards the right foods through their bold and straight stroke, and represents the natural harmony through the curves of Korean calligraphy.
Nokchawon CI has the English ‘NOKCHAWON’ (transliteration) together with Korean characters. It incorporates the spirit of Nokchawon to provide the best products and service to customers around the world.