Raw Food Material

Raw material for coexistence of consumer, producer and ecological systems

Nokchawon is doing raw food material business to supply healthy teas and foods.
In order to produce the best quality raw material satisfying variety of needs, Nokchawon is engaging in short-term and long term projects with wide range of quality incentives system.
To ensure the production of high quality tea leaves, we plant superior kinds of tea trees and wait for 5 years, and also make multi-year purchasing contract with the tea leaves supply partners if only they meet the agreed quality standard and maintain organic farming certification.


In case of the major tea tree farms supplying raw material to Nokchawon, the chief executive of Nokchawon directly visit them and makes highest level of decision in the field to secure superior raw material. Through this, our partners consisting supply chain also is to set the safety and the production of superior raw materials as their primary goal. This leads to a positive impact on the protection and maintenance of ecological system, as well as producers and consumers.

Through the self-production of raw material and the global sourcing of certain raw materials from leading overseas companies, Nokchawon has also won the role of trusted suppliers of the raw materials to a variety of influential food industries.


Sacheon Plantation

Nokchawon Tea Plantation and Tea complex in Sacheon, Korea


Bosung Plantation

Nokchawon Organic tea plantation in Bosung, Korea


Goheung Plantation

Nokchawon Citron plantation in Goheung, Korea