Production Process

Production of the wide variety of specialized products corresponding to diverse tastes

Nokchawon is producing variety of goods from carefully selected raw materials applied with the process, blending, packaging method corresponding to diverse tastes
. In the production, we also consider the concerns of consumers in ethical, cultural or religious point of view, perusing organic farming, food safety management system as well as the location, time and behavior of eating and drinking tea.


Through the professional competencies, Nokchawon has history of offering custom manufacture for major distribution companies at home and abroad including the world’s largest food company and private brand social enterprises as well as the production and supply its own brand.

This implies that Nokchawon products have sufficient quality and competitive to be attached with a variety of global top brands.
In the long term based roadmap, as a global tea makers, Nokchawon will continue to invest strengthening the professionalism of offering best Korean taste and continue its effort to return some of profit to society.


Tea manufacturing process

Nokchawon Tea manufacturing process

Tea bag packing line

Nokchawon Tea bag packing line in Geumsan, Korea

Citron tea packing line

Nokchawon Citron tea packing line in Pocheon, Korea